About the R Graph Gallery

What is R

R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is the most widely used language for data science, together with python.

R is also a great tool for data visualization. The native tool becomes even better thanks to external packages such as ggplot2 that are widely used in the gallery.

If you're wondering what you can do with R in terms of dataviz, visit the all charts page.

How and Why this gallery

The R graph gallery displays about 400 charts, always providing the reproducible code and explanations. Charts are organized by family and types.

For each chart, a focus is made on code, but a link toward data-to-viz is provided to give more information concerning the theory.

I always forget how to build a chart and thus decided to build this gallery as a personnal cheat-sheet. I hope it can benefit others, but please keep in mind I maintain it as a side project.


The R graph gallery currently counts about 800 000 visits / month. Visitors are all interested in R, Data science and data visualization. Why not promoting your company or event by adding an image on every page of the gallery? Subscription is made monthly and can be stopped whenever. Please contact me at yan.holtz.data@gmail.com for more details.

I warmly thank the previous and current sponsors without who this project could not exist.


  • People who say Thank you and share the gallery. This is much appreciated! Feedbacks are always welcome and make me feel like it's worth working all night long.

  • My friend Conor Healy, who designed the logos and made this site looks good.

  • R studio for all the libraries they have created and their awesome IDE I use every day. R wouldn't be the same without the members of this company.

  • My friend Guillaume Debreu, who introduced me to the web, and keeps giving useful SEO advices.
  • R package creators. Without them R would be way different, and the gallery would not exist. Sometimes, the chart examples can be close to their documentation, but I always try to link toward their tool.

  • All the friends and people who helped correcting my terrible english: Lou PapĂ©ou, Annie-Rose, Cherelle, Tom, Kath, Shenfa. With a special mention for Roland B. Stark and other people who submitted Pull Requests.