Use mtext() to write text in margin

This document describes how to use the mtext() function to add text in the plot margin. Usefull to add title on a multi chart.

Scatter section Data to Viz

The mtext() function allows to write text in one of the four margins of the current figure region or one of the outer margins of the device region.

Here, the figure is first split thanks to par(mfrow..). Then, only one title is added and centered using mtext().

#Dummy data 
Ixos <- rnorm(4000,100,30)
Primadur <- Ixos+rnorm(4000 , 0 , 30)
#Divide the screen in 1 line and 2 columns
  oma = c(0, 0, 2, 0)
#Make the margin around each graph a bit smaller
# Histogram and Scatterplot
hist(Ixos,  main="" , breaks=30 , col=rgb(0.3,0.5,1,0.4) , xlab="height" , ylab="nbr of plants")
plot(Ixos , Primadur,  main="" , pch=20 , cex=0.4 , col=rgb(0.3,0.5,1,0.4)  , xlab="primadur" , ylab="Ixos" )
#And I add only ONE title :
mtext("Primadur : Distribution and correlation with Ixos", outer = TRUE, cex = 1.5, font=4, col=rgb(0.1,0.3,0.5,0.5) )


Here is a description of the most common customization:

  • cex: circle size
  • xlim and ylim: limits of the X and Y axis
  • pch: shape of markers. See all here.
  • xlab and ylab: X and Y axis labels
  • col: marker color
  • main: chart title

# Create data
data = data.frame(
  x=seq(1:100) + 0.1*seq(1:100)*sample(c(1:10) , 100 , replace=T),
  y=seq(1:100) + 0.2*seq(1:100)*sample(c(1:10) , 100 , replace=T)

# Basic scatterplot
plot(data$x, data$y,
     xlim=c(0,250) , ylim=c(0,250), 
     xlab="value of X", ylab="value of Y",
     main="A simple scatterplot"

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