The Wordcloud2 library

This post explains how to draw wordclouds with R and the wordcloud2 package. It provides several reproducible examples with explanation and R code. It is largely inspired from the very well done vignette.

Wordcloud section Warning

Most basic with wordcloud2()

This is the most basic barplot you can build with the wordcloud2 library, using its wordcloud2() function. Note:

  • data is a data frame including word and freq in each column
  • size is the font size, default is 1.

# library
# have a look to the example dataset
# head(demoFreq)

# Basic plot
wordcloud2(data=demoFreq, size=1.6)

Color & Background color

It is possible to change the word color using the color argument. You can provide a vector of color, or use random-dark or random-light. You can also customize the background color with backgroundColor.

# library
# Gives a proposed palette
wordcloud2(demoFreq, size=1.6, color='random-dark')
# or a vector of colors. vector must be same length than input data
wordcloud2(demoFreq, size=1.6, color=rep_len( c("green","blue"), nrow(demoFreq) ) )
# Change the background color
wordcloud2(demoFreq, size=1.6, color='random-light', backgroundColor="black")


You can custom the wordcloud shape using the shape argument. Available shapes are:

You can also use an image like this one as a mask.

# library
# Change the shape:
wordcloud2(demoFreq, size = 0.7, shape = 'star')
# Change the shape using your image
wordcloud2(demoFreq, figPath = "~/Desktop/R-graph-gallery/img/other/peaceAndLove.jpg", size = 1.5, color = "skyblue", backgroundColor="black")

Word orientation

Rotate words with 3 arguments: minRotation, maxRotation and rotateRatio.

# library
# wordcloud
wordcloud2(demoFreq, size = 2.3, minRotation = -pi/6, maxRotation = -pi/6, rotateRatio = 1)

Chinese version

Chinese version. Comes from the doc.

# library
# wordcloud
wordcloud2(demoFreqC, size = 2, fontFamily = "????????????", color = "random-light", backgroundColor = "grey")

Use letter or text as shape

The letterCloud function allows to use a letter or a word as a mask for the wordcloud:

# library
letterCloud( demoFreq, word = "R", color='random-light' , backgroundColor="black")
letterCloud( demoFreq, word = "PEACE", color="white", backgroundColor="pink")

Export the wordcloud

Wordcloud2 is a html widget. It means your wordcloud will be output in a HTML format.

You can export it as a png image using rstudio, or using the webshot library as follow:

# load wordcloud2

# install webshot

# Make the graph
my_graph <- wordcloud2(demoFreq, size=1.5)

# save it in html
saveWidget(my_graph,"tmp.html",selfcontained = F)

# and in png or pdf
webshot("tmp.html","fig_1.pdf", delay =5, vwidth = 480, vheight=480)

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This document is a work by Yan Holtz. Any feedback is highly encouraged. You can fill an issue on Github, drop me a message on Twitter, or send an email pasting with

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