Welcome to the barplot section of the R graph gallery. A barplot is used to display the relationship between a numeric and a categorical variable. This section also include stacked barplot and grouped barplot where two levels of grouping are shown. If you're looking to go further, this online course offers good material for barcharts with ggplot2.

Step by step - ggplot2 and geom_bar()

ggplot2 allows to build barplot thanks to the geom_bar() function. The examples below will guide you through the basics of this tool:

Base R and the barplot() function

Basic R can build quality barplots thanks to the barplot() function. Here is a list of examples guiding you through the most common customization you will need.

🌐 From the web

The web is full of astonishing R charts made by awesome bloggers. The R graph gallery tries to display some of the best creations and explain how their source code works. If you want to display your work here, please drop me a word or even better, submit a Pull Request!

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