Ggplot2 boxplot with variable width

Boxplots hide the category sample sizes. One way to tackle this issue is to build boxplot with width proportionnal to sample size. Here is how to do it with R and ggplot2.

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Grouped boxplot

Boxplot are often critized for hiding the underlying distribution of each category. Since individual data points are hidden, it is also impossible to know what sample size is available for each category.

In this example, box widths are proportional to sample size thanks to the varwidth option. On top of that, the exact sample size is added to the X axis labels for more accuracy.

# library
# create data
names <- c(rep("A", 20) , rep("B", 5) , rep("C", 30), rep("D", 100))
value <- c( sample(2:5, 20 , replace=T) , sample(4:10, 5 , replace=T), sample(1:7, 30 , replace=T), sample(3:8, 100 , replace=T) )
data <- data.frame(names,value)
# prepare a special xlab with the number of obs for each group
my_xlab <- paste(levels(data$names),"\n(N=",table(data$names),")",sep="")
# plot
ggplot(data, aes(x=names, y=value, fill=names)) +
    geom_boxplot(varwidth = TRUE, alpha=0.2) +
    theme(legend.position="none") +

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