ggplot2 scatterplot with rug

This post demonstrates how to build a scatterplot with rug with R and ggplot2. Adding rug gives insight about variable distribution and is especially helpful when markers overlap.

Scatter section About overplotting

Adding rug with geom_rug()

A scatterplot displays the relationship between 2 numeric variables. You can easily add rug on X and Y axis thanks to the geom_rug() function to illustrate the distribution of dots.

Note you can as well add marginal plots to show these distributions.

# library

# Iris dataset

# plot
ggplot(data=iris, aes(x=Sepal.Length, Petal.Length)) +
  geom_point() +
  geom_rug(col="steelblue",alpha=0.1, size=1.5)

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