Custom dygraphs time series example

This post shows what is possible to do for time series visualization with the dygraphs package, using a good amount of customization. Reproducible code is provided.

Time series section Data to Viz

The chart #316 and #317 gives an introduction to time series representation with the dygraphs library.

This page gives a more custom example based on real data (number of bikes located per day). Here is the graph and the code that allows to make it!

# Library
library(xts)          # To make the convertion data-frame / xts format
# Read the data (hosted on the gallery website)
data <- read.table("", header=T, sep=",") %>% head(300)

# Check type of variable
# str(data)
# Since my time is currently a factor, I have to convert it to a date-time format!
data$datetime <- ymd_hms(data$datetime)
# Then you can create the xts necessary to use dygraph
don <- xts(x = data$count, = data$datetime)

# Finally the plot
p <- dygraph(don) %>%
  dyOptions(labelsUTC = TRUE, fillGraph=TRUE, fillAlpha=0.1, drawGrid = FALSE, colors="#D8AE5A") %>%
  dyRangeSelector() %>%
  dyCrosshair(direction = "vertical") %>%
  dyHighlight(highlightCircleSize = 5, highlightSeriesBackgroundAlpha = 0.2, hideOnMouseOut = FALSE)  %>%
  dyRoller(rollPeriod = 1)

# save the widget
# library(htmlwidgets)
# saveWidget(p, file=paste0( getwd(), "/HtmlWidget/dygraphs318.html"))

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