Use par mfrow to split screen

The par() function allows to set the mfrow() parameters to cut the charting window in several section.

Scatter section Data to Viz

Most basic scatterplot

The par() function allows to set parameters to the plot. The mfrow() parameter allows to split the screen in several panels. Subsequent charts will be drawn in panels.

You have to provide a vector of length 2 to mfrow(): number of rows and number of columns.

Note: mfcol() does the same job but draws figure by columns instead of by row.

Alternative: see the layout() function for more complex layout creation.

#Create data
a <- seq(1,29)+4*runif(29,0.4)
b <- seq(1,29)^2+runif(29,0.98)
#Divide the screen in 2 columns and 2 lines
#Add a plot in each sub-screen !
plot( a,b , pch=20)
plot(a-b , pch=18)
hist(a, border=F , col=rgb(0.2,0.2,0.8,0.7) , main="")
boxplot(a , col="grey" , xlab="a")

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