Correlogram with the car package

This post explains how to build a scatterplot matrix with the car package. It provides several reproducible examples with explanation and R code.

Correlogram section Data to Viz

Scatterplot matrix with the native plot() function

This is a scatterplot matrix built with the scatterplotMatrix() function of the car package.

See more correlogram examples in the dedicated section.

Note the |cyl syntax: it means that categories available in the cyl variable must be represented distinctly (color, shape, size..).

# Packages
library(RColorBrewer) # for the color palette

# Let's use the car dataset natively available in R
data <- mtcars

# Make the plot
my_colors <- brewer.pal(nlevels(as.factor(data$cyl)), "Set2")
scatterplotMatrix(~mpg+disp+drat|cyl, data=data , 
      reg.line="" , smoother="", col=my_colors , 
      smoother.args=list(col="grey") , cex=1.5 , 
      pch=c(15,16,17) , 
      main="Scatter plot with Three Cylinder Options"

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