Line chart annotation with ggplot2

Annotation is a crucial part of a time sery visual. This post shows how to highlight main parts of a line chart with text, circles, lines and more.

Time series section Data to Viz

The ggplot2 package recognizes the date format and automatically uses a specific type of X axis. If the time variable isn’t at the date format, this won’t work. Always check with str(data) how variables are understood by R. If not read as a date, use lubridate to convert it. Read more about this here.

On the chart beside, dates are displayed using a neat format: month + year.

Note: the gallery offers a section dedicated to line charts.

# Libraries

# Load dataset from github
data <- read.table("", header=T)
data$date <- as.Date(data$date)

# plot
data %>% 
  ggplot( aes(x=date, y=value)) +
    geom_line(color="#69b3a2") +
    ylim(0,22000) +
    annotate(geom="text", x=as.Date("2017-01-01"), y=20089, 
             label="Bitcoin price reached 20k $\nat the end of 2017") +
    annotate(geom="point", x=as.Date("2017-12-17"), y=20089, size=10, shape=21, fill="transparent") +
    geom_hline(yintercept=5000, color="orange", size=.5) +

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