Customize your footer in your gt tables

This post explains how to customize the footer in a table with the gt package. It provides several reproducible examples with explanation and R code.

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The gt package

The gt package is an excellent way to create and customize nice table output in R. You can read more about this package on its github page. You can install it directly from the CRAN by running the following:


Default gt table

Tables from gt are sober but highly customizable


# dataset
data = data.frame(
  Planet = c("Earth", "Mars", "Jupiter", "Venus"),
  Moons = c(1, 2, 79, 0),
  Distance_from_Sun = c(149.6, 227.9, 778.3, 108.2),
  Diameter = c(12742, 6779, 139822, 12104)

# create and display the gt table (equivalent to "gt(data)")
data %>%
Planet Moons Distance_from_Sun Diameter
Earth 1 149.6 12742
Mars 2 227.9 6779
Jupiter 79 778.3 139822
Venus 0 108.2 12104

Change the type of element that indicates the reference

In this example, we now indicate the footer with letters (in upper case) thanks to the opt_footnote_marks() function.


# create and display the gt table 
data %>%
  gt() %>%
    tab_footnote(footnote = md("Measured in **millions** of Km"),
                 locations = cells_column_labels(columns = Distance_from_Sun)) %>%
    tab_footnote(footnote = md("Measured in **Km**"),
                 locations = cells_column_labels(columns = Diameter)) %>%
    tab_footnote(footnote = md("The original data are from *Some Organization*")) %>%
    opt_footnote_marks(marks = "LETTERS")
Planet Moons Distance_from_SunA DiameterB
Earth 1 149.6 12742
Mars 2 227.9 6779
Jupiter 79 778.3 139822
Venus 0 108.2 12104
The original data are from Some Organization
A Measured in millions of Km
B Measured in Km


We now know how to customize your table footer with the gt package. There is much more you can do using this package, so feel free to visit the gt table section of the gallery to learn more about it and check other examples.

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