Get a long color palette with RColorBrewer

This post describes how to get a long color palette with R and the RColorBrewer package.

Base R color Section About line chart

The RColorBrewer package is a great tool when it comes to build a color palette with R. However, the default palettes give only about 10 different colors. Here is a tip to get more colors in a graph, still using this useful package. Basically, it relies on the colorRampPalette() function to extand a first palette.

Note: visit this post for a complete list of the available palettes.

# No margin

# Load RColorBrewer

# Classic palette BuPu, with 4 colors
coul <- brewer.pal(4, "PuOr") 

# Add more colors to this palette :
coul <- colorRampPalette(coul)(25)

# Plot it
pie(rep(1, length(coul)), col = coul , main="") 

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