An animated chart displays several chart states one after the other.

It must not be confounded with an interactive chart that allows interaction like zooming or hovering.
This section describes 2 methods to build animations with R.

The first method builds many png images and concatenate them in a gif using image magick. The second relies on the gganimate package
that automatically builds the animation for you.

Note: plotly can be another useful tool for animating graphs, as described in this course.
Build animation directly with gganimate

The gganimate library is a ggplot2 extension that allows to easily create animation from your data. Basically it allows to provide a frame (the step in the animation) as another aesthetic.

Concatenate .png images with Image Magick

Image Magick is a software that allows to work with images in command lines. You can create and output a set of images doing a loop in R. Then, give all these images to Image magick and it will convert them into a .gif format.

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