Most basic treemap with R

This post explains how to build a very basic treemap with R. It uses the treemap package, provides reproducible code and explains how input data must be formatted.

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Most basic treemap

This is the most basic treemap you can do. The input dataset is simple: we just have 3 groups, and each has a value which we map to an area.

It allows to learn the syntax of the treemap library: you need to provide at least a dataset (data), the column that provides groups (index), and the column that gives the size of each group (vSize).

See graph #235 to learn how to add subgroups, and graph #236 to customize the chart appearance.

# library
# Create data
group <- c("group-1","group-2","group-3")
value <- c(13,5,22)
data <- data.frame(group,value)
# treemap

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