Interactive circle packing with R

This post describes how to build an interactive circle packing chart with R and the ggiraph package. It allows to hover bubbles to get additionnal information.

Circle Packing section Data to Viz

This chart follows posts #305 and #306 that explains how to build a static version of circle packing, and how to customize it.

This interactive version is very close to the static one. It uses the ggiraph library to transform the ggplot2 code in something interactive. The steps are quite easy:

Check the code below:

# libraries

# Create data
data <- data.frame(group=paste("Group_", sample(letters, 70, replace=T), sample(letters, 70, replace=T), sample(letters, 70, replace=T), sep="" ), value=sample(seq(1,70),70)) 

# Add a column with the text you want to display for each bubble:
data$text <- paste("name: ",data$group, "\n", "value:", data$value, "\n", "You can add a story here!")

# Generate the layout
packing <- circleProgressiveLayout(data$value, sizetype='area')
data <- cbind(data, packing) <- circleLayoutVertices(packing, npoints=50)

# Make the plot with a few differences compared to the static version:
p <- ggplot() + 
  geom_polygon_interactive(data =, aes(x, y, group = id, fill=id, tooltip = data$text[id], data_id = id), colour = "black", alpha = 0.6) +
  scale_fill_viridis() +
  geom_text(data = data, aes(x, y, label = gsub("Group_", "", group)), size=2, color="black") +
  theme_void() + 
  theme(legend.position="none", plot.margin=unit(c(0,0,0,0),"cm") ) + 

# Turn it interactive
widg <- ggiraph(ggobj = p, width_svg = 7, height_svg = 7)
# widg

# save the widget
# library(htmlwidgets)
# saveWidget(widg, file=paste0( getwd(), "/HtmlWidget/circular_packing_interactive.html"))

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