Images and links in a kable table with kableExtra

This post explains how to customize colors in a kable output with the kableExtra package. We’ll go through several examples with reproducible R code the with kableExtra.

Table Data to Viz


For this post, we need to load the following library:



We create a simple dataset with Nobel Prizes (2020). We use 3 columns: name, field and image.

df = data.frame(name = c("E. Charpentier","R. Penrose", "L. Glück", "M. Houghton"),
                field = c("Chemistry", "Physics", "Litterature", "Medicine"),
                image = "" # keep it empty

Add images

The kableExtra relies on the kable package and allows the use of the %>% (pipe) symbole. The main function is named kbl() and is similar to kable().

In order to add images in column, we need to use the column_spec() function with the image argument. Also, to change dimensions of images, we use the spec_image() function into the image arg.

# we use images from the internet, but it works exactly the same
# for images locally stored on your computer!
path_images = c("",

df %>%
  kbl(booktabs = T, align = "c") %>%
  kable_styling() %>%
  kable_paper(full_width = T) %>%
  column_spec(3, image = spec_image(path_images, 280, 200) # dimensions of the images
name field image
E. Charpentier Chemistry
R. Penrose Physics
L. Glück Litterature
M. Houghton Medicine


This post explained how to add images and links in a table using the kableExtra library. For more of this package, see the dedicated section or the table section.

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